Alma Nathanaili

An Albanian New Year’s Eve overflowing in love and food!

In Albania, New Year’s Eve is a big family affair. It’s a happy moment of togetherness around the abundant dinner table full of heavy traditional food. To be honest, Albanians enjoy dining throughout the year, but the New Year’s Eve feast is on another level.

Turkey with buttery stuffing is the centerpiece (yes, like the Thanksgiving in the United States – some may even claim they got it from the Albanians of course).

As a true Albanian, I cannot imagine New Year’s Eve without the homemade baklava – a multi-layered buttery delight baked in syrup and crunched walnuts! It’s obligatory to stay at home with one’s parents until midnight (whether you are single, or have a family of your own).

At twelve, an explosion of fireworks takes place from our windows and balconies (we always make sure we have some in stock because we are competitive). The afterparty is always with friends. We get together in our favorite bar and celebrate until the early hours of the morning!

This will always be my kind of new beginning! With lots of love and 5kg more!

Gëzuar Vitin e Ri!